Located in a concrete-block building on Division Street in Arnprior, just off Highway 417, the Arnprior & District Rifle and Revolver club (A&DRRA) has a six-position range with turning targets. A Target Timer controls timing of the targets and uses audio recordings of range commands for all of the most popular bullseye disciplines. A furnace is used to heat the range during winter months. The clubhouse provides a cozy atmosphere next door to the range, with chairs, a sofa, tables, wood stove, washroom with running hot and cold water, bulletin/whiteboards and so on.

The distance between the firing line (where the shooter stands) and the targets is normally 20 yards for .22LR or centrefire pistols, and 10 meters for air pistol.

The club allows pistol shooting only, no magnums and no jacketed ammunition so as not to damage the backstop. Rifles in .22 rimfire can be used.

The ADRRA range

Firearms safety is the single most important thing at our club.

The A&DRRA has a reputation for a strong focus on bullseye shooting, and fields a large team of shooters in local events, out of all proportion to the size of our club. 

This is not to say that all of our members are "serious" shooters — the emphasis is on having fun and enjoying the camaraderie that the clubhouse provides as much as it is on accuracy. However, for those willing to take on the challenges and frustrations of learning to shoot a pistol well, there are few more supportive environments offered than ours. We have lots of experienced members, only too willing to offer support and advice. We're also known for the quality of the food and snacks offered by the Arnprior club at matches we host!

2023 Annual Membership Dues

Dues for 2023 are $357.95, which includes $17.95 for insurance through the National Firearms Association. Family memberships are $515, plus the $17.95 insurance for each family member using the range. 

Potential new members undergo a probationary period before being asked to join the club, during which time they will be evaluated on their safe handling of firearms and adherence to club rules. This is generally around three months, after which the candidate should pay for a membership. The probationary period can vary depending on the previous experience of the candidate, their ability to attend the club, and other considerations.

A one-time fee of $15 is required to purchase a club name badge for each new member.

Weekly Club Shooting Schedule

Tuesday and Thursday Evenings are open club nights: Beginning at 6:30pm (or earlier if a full line of 6 shooters is available), lines of bullseye shooting begin. Precision, timed and rapid fire in standard pistol are followed by centrefire or sport pistol.

OVPL matches may also occur on some Thursdays. Check the events page for upcoming matches.

Saturdays and Sundays may have matches or other activities scheduled.

Members with key privileges are able to access the range at any time, including weekends. Key privileges are not automatic, and must be earned through long-term membership and a proven ability to act responsibly and safely in opening, closing and running the range without direct supervision. For new key holders, successfully completing our club level RSO course is mandatory.

On club nights an appointed Range Safety Officer (RSO), usually a senior member, directs the activities on the shooting line. This is to ensure that the established safety procedures are followed rigorously. During informal practices, if two or more members are shooting at the same time, one qualified member must act as the RSO and direct safety-related activities.

See the About Target Shooting section for more information on organized matches, such as the Ottawa Valley Pistol League and CSSA Winter League.