• Ladies Day 2022

    For National Range Day in June, we held a very successful Ladies Day.

  • Annual Barbecue

    We have a BBQ for members and spouses every summer.

  • Scoring a match

    The club hosts matches in the fall and winter seasons.

  • Shooting PPC

    Police Pistol Competition is also done at our club.

  • Red Doolittle

    Gone but never forgotten. Founder of our club.

  • A plaque for Red

    We were able to present Red with a plaque expressing our thanks before his passing.

  • On the firing line

    An Ottawa Valley Pistol League (OVPL) match in progress.

  • Ladies Day 2022

    Range Safety Officers from National Range Day 2022

  • Open House 2022

    At the Open House in October, 20 guests got to try shooting a handgun. Here they are checking targets.

  • Open House 2022

    At the Open House in October, 20 guests got to try shooting a handgun. The firing line with individual coaching.

Smallbore Rifle Match

Smallbore (.22 rimfire) rifle matches are held at the club on selected Sunday afternoons. For 2016 the dates are:

  • January 24
  • February 28
  • March 27
  • April 24

Full details are provided in the flyer.

Matches at the Connaught Ranges

Logo of the NCRRAEach year, two matches of interest to members of the A&DRRA are held at the Connaught Ranges, presented by the NDHQRA (National Defence HQ Rifle Association) and the NCRRA (National Capital Region Rifle Association). These are the Victoria Day pistol matches, held on or near the Victoria Day weekend, and the Fall Invitational pistol match or Fall Shoot, held around late September.

Both matches feature a wide range of events, including:

  • NRA Canadian 1800
  • ISSF Standard Pistol
  • ISSF Sport or Centrefire Pistol
  • ISSF Air Pistol
  • ISSF Free PistolLogo of the NDHQ Rifle Association
  • PPC 1500
  • PPC Slug Gun (shotgun)
  • PPC Snub (prohibited snubnose)
  • 9mm Service Pistol

Because Connaught is a military range and not approved by the CFO, your regular ATT is not valid to use to transport your firearms to the range. A short-term ATT must be obtained from the CFO in advance of the match.

Reasonable fees are charged on a per-match basis and prizes are offered.

You can get details and register online at www.targetscores.com. Results of previous matches are also posted on that site.

Each year, the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) sponsors its Winter League Postal Matches (a postal match means that the results are mailed in, and has nothing to do with "going postal"!). Open to all Ontario pistol shooters, Arnprior as an indoor heated range is one of the locations used to host these matches.

Matches are offered in the following disciplines:

  • ISSF Standard Pistol 600
  • ISSF Sport Pistol 600
  • ISSF Centre Fire / Sport Pistol 600
  • PPC 1200

There is a $10 fee per match. At least three match scores within a discipline must be mailed in (which is done by the club) in order to qualify for prizes and classification.

Due to a lack of particpation, the CSSA is no longer offering the Winter League Matches. Arnprior is offering the Red Doolittle Memorial Pistol Matches in their place.

CSSA 2016-2017 Winter Postal League Schedule

Matches are held on Saturdays and Sundays each month from September through to April this season. Please sign up for individual matches using the whiteboard in the clubhouse, or call Rodney or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Matches are the same each Saturday and Sunday:PPC: Right hand, right side of barricade


9:00 Standard Pistol
10:30 Centre Fire / Sport Pistol
13:00 Standard Pistol
14:30 Centre Fire / Sport Pistol

PPC: kneeling


9:00 Standard Pistol
10:30 Centre Fire / Sport Pistol
13:00 PPC 1200
14:00 PPC 1200
15:00 PPC 1200

Match Dates

October 8 and 9, 2016

November 5 and 6, 2016

December 10 and 11, 2016

January 14 and 15, 2017

February 11 and 12, 2017

March 11 and 12, 2017

Members can view results and additional information as it becomes available.

Around the scoring table in our clubhouse at an OVPL match.The Ottawa Valley Pistol League (OVPL) formed in 1960 among local pistol shooting clubs, organizes an annual friendly competition between its members, with the winning club adding its name to the competition trophy. The Arnprior club is a founding member and enthusiastic competitor.

The matches are held from the late fall, through the winter and into late spring, with each club shooting twice against the others; once as host and once as visitor. During the winter months, the Arnprior club — being an indoor range — is used for many of the matches, as is the RA club.

Regardless of how many shooters compete for a club's team, only the four best scores are used in the match results. For this reason, new shooters (or even long-time shooters who may not be that good!) need not worry about competing in the events. A poor result will not do any harm to the club's score.

Due to the ongoing COVID situation, OVPL matches are currently suspended.

OVPL Match Results

The 2018-2019 season was won by the RA Gun Club. Details can be found on the OVPL website. Individual results for the Arnprior club can be found in the Members area.

The firing line at Arnprior during an OVPL match.